I had a front door coming off it’s hinge and had had issues since replacing the original door with a solid one. I was under the impression that eventually I would need a new frame to hold the door but had been putting it off due to the cost. I noticed the door not closing unless it was lifted on Wednesday, contacted Jarlath on Thursday and sent some photos. He said he could make it Friday lunchtime and I was free so he had a look, said the frame replacement was not necessary and quoted $220 for fixing the door. He was very pleasant, friendly and professional and could have turned it into a big job, knowing it needed immediate attention for security but he didn’t and finished the job quickly. It is now a pleasure to open my front door! For the first time, I only need to use one hand and don’t have to yank it open! In fact, I nearly went flying when I automatically put the usual force behind it ;-). Many thanks Jarlash