Brendan Miskell
- Founder and Global CEO

Brendan has extensive experience in the technology sector and in sales. Brendan is the inventor of the first orbital or 7 gear global eCommerce network (protected by patents and global copyright). Brendan has been listed in BRW fast growth top 100 and is a leading advocate of mutualism.    

Brendan started his career working at NSW Business Chamber and then worked with a range of technology companies for seven years in sales before founding his first business in 2013.  

Brendan is passionate about  making a positive difference in the world and helping people generate and income and obtain work in the Post Covid 19 world.  Brendan supports a range of charities. 

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Jonathan Shack - Western Australia Manager

Jonathan is Managing Director of Hunt Capital Pty Ltd representing the RHF Group across Australasia and is Chairperson of Sentio Health. After graduating with a business degree in accounting and management from Curtin University, he honed his business development expertise in a B2B environment across a range of businesses and industry sectors based on an extensive network, managing medium size businesses, stockbroking, merchant banking, recruitment, politics and foreign exchange. He has extensive experience as a management consultant focusing on business growth, strategy, commercialisation and relationship management. 

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Faustin Fintan - Account Manager India

Experienced Audit Associate with a demonstrated history of working in the accounting industry. Skilled in Accounting, Administration, Interpersonal Skills, Software Testing, and Human Resource Development. Strong accounting professional with a Master of Business Administration – MBA focused in Finance and Human Resource from Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences.

Martin Puchert
- IP Management

Martin brings a practical and realistic approach to managing intellectual property and engaging teams to generate relevant IP. Clients range from startups to large organisations.

Martin has over two decades of experience with IP and have helped many high-tech organisations to patent inventions and protect trade secrets.

He deals with all types of IP, including patents, trade marks, designs and non-registrable intangibles such as trade secrets, data, culture, and processes. Earlier experience: in-house IP Manager, senior manager in multiple tech startups, patent attorney in two prestigious Australian firms

Key qualifications:
– Certified in IP management by WIPO
– Australian patent attorney
– PhD in physics, UNSW
– BSc(Hons), Sydney Uni. 

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Domenico Antonio Piscitelli - Gold Investment Adviser and Crypto Specialist

I serve people helping them to save in gold. My group operates in 149 countries assisting over one million Clients in obtaining Gold to save and use via Blockchain for daily transactions. It is 100% backed by gold, unlike the US dollar which is no longer backed by gold. While gold has always been one of the best and most safe assets, it does not generate an income; However, Blockchain commissions do pay a commission.
It is a little too complex to explain now; however, gold will continue to rise in value as currencies and other assets may not. 

Tom Cronin
- Health and Spiritual Advisor

After a very successful 26-year career in finance as a broker for the world’s largest broking house ICAP PLC.

Tom decided it was time to pursue my mission of helping individuals and companies reach the optimal potential by removing stress from their lives through meditation. After embracing meditation as a stress management tool early into his career, he began to experience a profound shift in his performance and overall wellbeing. This led him to pursue teacher training, which he completed in 2009 after studying in Australia, Bali and India.

Since 2009 he have trained and coached thousands of people all over the world how to meditate. He has spoken on stages in front of hundreds of people in Mexico, Bali, USA, Australia and Kuala Lumpur. PLUS presented at top-level companies in Australia, from Nova Fm, Rivkin and Fairfax Media.

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Adam Goodrich - Technology Consultant

Adam is an award-winning technologist with thirty years commercial experience, more than half of this in technology start-ups in Australia and Silicon Valley, USA.

He is a commercially oriented visionary who thrives on challenge, is people focused, and loves leading teams to envision, create and operate solutions that deliver value.

The past ten years have seen profound changes in technology and its economics. VR / AR / MR is coming, mobile technology is increasingly powerful, cloud computing is better and cheaper than ever, AI is making major advances, mapping platforms provide access to real world metadata, and game engines are delivering photo realism in real time.

This is creating an exponential demand for increasingly sophisticated content across a wide range of industries, technologies and use cases, and this still requires skilled people to perform a largely manual, linear and expensive process. We need a fundamentally different approach in order to deliver more and better content cheaper.

Adam created Procedural Worlds to meet this demand for content generation and is working to empower every-day people to create cost effective content at scale across industries, devices and use cases, using a unique blend of artist driven procedural content generation techniques. Procedural Worlds is the category leader in world creation software on the Unity Asset Store.

Adam is a creative thinker with deep technology skills and the ability to bring visions to life. His mission is to build the tools, technology and education that helps people to help themselves on a global scale.

Career highlights:
* Helped stop several fisheries from becoming extinct
* Built and sold a market leading Australian digital agency
* Ran the technical evangelism team at Microsoft Australia and made red metrics green
* Won Peoples choice award at Cannes for work on DietCoke – Live A Little campaign
* Won Australian awards for innovation with technology. 

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