Investment Conditions


13  Set Conditions Apply

1) You can purchase anywhere between 1 and 100 shares, 1 share unit being $100 AUD, 2 shares being $200 AUD and 100 share units being $10,000 etc

2) Your Investment is being made in eRevolution Corp USA which owns Creative Hive and Business Hive and Property Hive and more coming Hive sites and will make further business acquisitions after 2020. Brendan Miskell the Founder owns 60% of all allocated shares, the other 40% is shared among the remaining co-owners in a “Dynamic Flexibly Adjusted” (as the worth of the company goes up along with more capital being raised their ownership percentage goes down but it’s worth far more) arrangement to make up the remaining 40%

eRevolution Corp in USA is incorporated in the state of Washington in the District of Columbia and has the business registration number of C00006466765..

3) $10,000 AUD (Australian dollars) or 100 Shares is the maximum investment you can make in eRevolution Corp shares.

4) You Must Retain no lower than 1 unit of shares 

5) Yearly Dividends –  will be issued subject to the profitability of eRevolution Corp of USA. Highest rate is 10% return, Where a yearly dividend is paid it will range between 5 -10% of your total investment. What you receive will depend on 2 combined factors being what Business Level you are on and the level of successful referrals you have made in that year helping us all grow.

Dividends are not calculated on any Bonus or Provisional Shares you receive but only on ones you personally purchase with your own funds?

Everyone will receive dividends each year where a 12 month period from investment occurs however those contributing to Global Hive Growth more than others will be paid earliest in priority order

6) No Refunds. The Company (eRevolution Corp of USA) has no obligation to buy back your shares, it can if it wishes (under a Buy Back arrangement – see condition 12 below) but it is under no obligation to do so but you are free to sell them to any outsider or existing member after 2 years of holding those shares

7Additional Entitlements (in addition to dividends) May be achieved as outlined in the About Us Section

8) Any Disputes are to be settled by an Independent Mediation Service at shared cost of $200 AUD each  – No gripes are to be posted on social media or involve other members. Only the sole director of eRevolution / Global Hive has the authority to use other members emails in a communication to more than one party concerning a dispute

In the event of any dispute that’s not just clearly related to these stipulated conditions an independent mediation service is appointed within 30 days of the dispute by the disputing parties at a cost of $200 AUD each and the parties agree to abide by the independent umpires decision  – failure to meet condition 8 here within 30 days of the written notification of the dispute by eRevolution Corp carries an agreed $1000 AUD penalty fine or a loss of shareholding to this same value

9) No Unauthorised Use of Company Property or Databases / Emails – Any party contacting other member shareholders without the prior express permission of the company CEO Brendan Miskell, or spamming other members in emails or breaching proper use conditions of the company databases, CRM or our Club Manager system will be instantly dismissed and forfeit all of their shares

10) No contact with any listed suppliers or questioning of them unless it’s in direct relation to you being a potential customer of theirs and nothing more. No attempted disruption of business either for our listed supplier or to eRevolution / Global Hive itself, failure to follow this basic rule will result in dismissal and total share cancellation

11) Site Content – Brendan Miskell the Founder, has sole discretion as to what content and products and services get listed on the company websites. Down the line those member shareholders who also reach Level 10 will have voting rights provided they adhere to all the Investment Conditions listed here

12) A Minimum 2 Year Investment Shareholding Period Applies Before you can start to sell your shares – All investors are required to hold their shares for a period of 2 years from purchase before attempting to sell them on the open market or to our other shareholders

13) Provisional Shares” – those parties that are issued with Provisional Shares will only have them activated if they meet the conditions upon which they were issued within the specified time frame, these provisions include 2 for 1 offers, supplier issued stock and referral incentive programs.