Company Valuation

Our parent Company is eRevolution Corp of USA 
We are moving to it’s first full valuation to be completed by October 31 2020.
The valuation predicted to be 1.1 billion dollars and is a product of
1) The worth of its Patents and Global IP
2) The strength of its financial records and profits
3) The proven record of it already having sold Member shares into 22 nations
4) The commercial value of our data
5) The disruption value of its unique orbital eCommerce Network and its ability to take market share from the market leaders of Google Facebook Amazon Alibaba and LinkedIn Microsoft and WeChat
6) The strength and expertise of our Management team
7) Our Business process innovation
8) The quality and strength of our Partnerships and alliances
9) Our Global reach

10) Our ability to be the most efficient system to connect up and network and cross pollinate $26 Global eCommerce