About Us

Who are We ? What Do We Do ? What’s In It For You ?

Creative Hive and Business Hive are the brainchild of its founder Brendan Miskell of Australia

Both businesses are owned by eRevolution Corp of USA and are also marketed under the name Global Hive

eRevolution / Global Hive is a “Business Co-Op” and a form of “Fractional Investing” where you can start small and build up your shareholding units.

All Shareholders are also Co- Owners and get rewarded when they help contribute to the collective growth of the Business Co-Op

We have Member Shareholders in 22 countries right now but wish to go on a growth spurt and get to 1000 by 2021 when we do this the worth of your shares in us will skyrocket

Our longer term goal over 5 years (2025) is to be the world’s biggest global Business and Real Estate Investment Club with over 100.000 shareholders

What’s Better About Us ?

All our members get to co-own our business with all the other global members (We function like a Global Affiliate Business Co-Op).

We are not an MLM or network marketing company) but rather a new Super Affiliate System of an innovative structural design that’s a world first. We are the Business and Investment equivalent of a Bee Hive in the way we function

We collectively help one another to get to our goals sooner and we have stronger group influence and purchasing power

You get ;

* Yearly Increase in the worth of your shares

* Yearly Dividends on your Business and Property shares

* Referral Income (2 Types)

* Plus Exclusive Benefits for Global Business Builders and invitations to our Training and Fun Conferences

* Access to Great Exclusive Offers and Exclusive Products and Services

We also have great products / services for you ;

* Fractional Business Investing

* Fractional Real Estate Investing

* Employment Creation

* Original Artworks

* Creative Mind Puzzles

* Creative / Innovative Products (not just art)

* Creativity Booster Training Courses

* Creative Social Events

* Community Projects

* Our Charity betters the lives of many globally

* Shareholding of $100 AUD per Share Unit gives you additional exclusive benefits and investment returns. Where you have a shares on our Share Registry you will qualify after initial training to work with us and earn from $20 AUD to $100 AUD an hour with our Weekly Business Builders Program