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eRevolution / Global Hive is the new Mutualism global economy that supports you and makes you better off financially and allows you to own it in real shares. 

Worlds no 1 eCommerce Network – Wealth Sharing Technology – It’s now in 22 nations. 

Our current Capitalism based economy sounds good on the surface but has many challenges.


Our Unique 360 Degree Rotational Global system is superior in all ways

Backed by own Gold based Currency

Become a Shareholder Member today 

– Here is How We Make YOU WIN


Get Greater Business & Personal Savings / Rewards

# Greater purchasing power on everything you buy


Get Better Loans / Financing Options

# Best Business and Personal Loans rates in the world


Get Paid Monthly for your Networking & Referrals

# Get paid $100 – $4000 monthly to do business networking 


Increase Your Overall Wealth Much Faster

# Automatic Fractional Investing system – Property Assets


Business Owners Get "No Waste" Marketing

# Guaranteed new business clients 


Get Travel, Lifestyle and Business Inspiration

# Qualify for a paid Business Vacation every year 

eRevolution / Global Hive is a World First and it’s Recession Proof and Global Copyright Protected. By working together we will take a lucrative piece of Google’s, Facebook’s, Linkedin’s (Microsoft) and Amazon’s markets and share the profits   


Get an immediate improvement

in your financial position

in just 30 – 60 days using eRevolution

– It Works


eRevolution works Globally on a unique 7 Gear system

Gear 1

It all starts when you first become a Member Shareholder (Co-Owner) in our Global Mutual Co-op

🌟 Capital Gains plus Dividends plus Introducer Commissions

Thereafter you additionally benefit forever whenever you

Gears 2 – 7

🌟Buy (Consumer Rewards)
🌟Sell (Market Products / Services) – No Waste Marketing
🌟Introduce A Buyer (Ongoing Buyer Affiliate Commission)
🌟Introduce A Seller (Ongoing Seller Affiliate Commission)
🌟Refer What You Buy (Ongoing Referral Affiliate Commission)
🌟Recommend What Your Use (Ongoing Recommendation Affiliate Commission)

As this all builds up on 7 gears Globally your Financial Independence and Ongoing Residual Wealth is Assured)

Global Copyright – via Canadian Copyright Office
Totally Unique 360 Degree Rotational Blockchain Tech Methodology

Our Partners - Hunter Solicitors

Our Partner - Club Manager

Our Partner - Work App

Purchase One or More Share Certificates


You can purchase any number of shares from 1 share ($100) to 100 shares for ($10,000) by typing the number of shares into the cart below (Shares are capped at $10,000 per individual investor, no corporations can invest, indviduals only). Shares can also be purchased by making a direct bank transfer supported by an accompanying email with your details: 

Commonwealth Bank – Wynnum Branch Australia

BSB: 064133
Account Number: 10583649
Swift Code (if paying from outside Australia) CTBAAU2S

Share certificate




Monthly Share Subscription

$100.00 / month for 1 month

How Can You Get Started ?

Firstly read thru this website to learn more about us

Earn Between $5K – $200K Each Year (Easy as ABC)

A) Buy Member Shares in eRevolution / Global Hive ($100 AUD each)

Start with just 1 – 5 Shares and Grow from there

B) Stay a Passive Investor and earn approx 200% return OR

C) Become a Qualifying Global Business Builder and get a 1000% plus return (get paid monthly plus Rewarded 3 Ways)

cashflow quadrant

eRevolution / Global Hive Gets You Set For Life

Robert Kiyosaki of the book Rich Dad / Poor Dad talks about the importance of not delaying your move to the right side of the quadrant where Financial Independence and a Better Lifestyle exists.

Our system uniquely does this from day 1 while also giving you the security of monthly pay. We set you up for lifetime continuous residual monthly compounding income (cash flow) and wealth increasing month by month without limit

Build Your Wealth Creatively
It’s time to get creative in how you secure your future

eRevolution / Global Hive has formulated a unique method whereby you can start small and build wealth over 2 – 5 years (Fractional Investing in eRevolution Corp)

We Build Greater Wealth for you “Block by Block”

You only need $100 – $500 AUD to get started

The compounding rewards for you are outstanding…check them out now

How eRevolution / Global Hive Does it
How are such high returns possible ?
5 Key Factors when combined make it achievable

Our Bulk Purchasing Power


Get Paid Monthly


Our Fractional Investment Industry Connections (Best Exclusive Deals)


Our Extensive Research and Tracking and Measuring Software


Our Experienced Management Team and Unique Tech Systems


Our patented unique Super Affiliate Marketing Methods that greatly accelerate results for you over our many Global Digital Economies (Business Hive, Creative Hive, Freelance Hive, Investor Hive, Loan Hive, Property Hive, Rewards Hive etc)

Founder of eRevolution / Global Hive

Brendan Miskell of Australia is the Founder and CEO of eRevolution / Global Hive

Our mission is to see a thriving tech driven Global Business and Property Investment Co-op based on Mutualism (not exploitative capitalism) and “People Power” in which all parties involved get a real and affordable (real Shares based) ownership stake in the economic pie

By 2025 we aim to have the largest eCommerce Network and Business and Investment Co-op (Club) globally


Member Shareholders in 22 Countries

eRevolution now has Member Shareholders in 22 countries

3200 Member Shares have been issued as at 26/9/2020. Member Shareholders own an average of 9 Shares each

We are on track to reach our group goals of well over 4000 Member Shareholders by the end of 2020.

Our mission by 2025 is to be the largest eCommerce Network and Business and Investment Co-op (Club) in the world

New Appointments

Global Hive has appointed the Global Team of Go VA in the Philippines to manage all our Admin and Customer Service needs

New Account Managers (Business Builders) from different countries are also now being trained each month, We have started the process of Franchising our unique eRevolution system across the world

Reach Us

Please contact
Brendan Miskell
Global CEO

eRevolution Corp of USA (Parent Company)

eRevolution Corp of Australia
(Australian Subsiduary)
USA Company Number
Australian Company Number

630 643 917

61 409 243 543 (If calling from outside Australia)

0409 243 543 (If calling from within Australia)

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